My Christmas Countdown

Countdown the number of days until Christmas day.

Countdown Screen

When you first open My Christmas Countdown the main countdown screen appears and shows a countdown to Christmas Day in the following way:

If you have chosen to countdown the number of sleeps this will be displayed rather than the above.

Note: The countdown will countdown to 12am on the 25th of December of the current year.

My Christmas Countdown Screen

The settings screen is where you can adjust the app and change the appearance of the countdown screen.

To navigate to the settings screen press the Menu button and then Settings. This will open the settings screen displaying the options below.

Settings Screen
• Screen Message

This setting enables you to enter a message that will be displayed on the main screen.

Pressing this setting opens a box that allows you to enter a message that will be displayed on the main screen. Once the message is entered press OK to save it or Cancel to cancel without saving. When you exit the settings screen the message will be displayed at the top of the main screen.

• Countdown Format

This setting allows you to choose what type of countdown to display on the countdown screen.

Press the setting to show the following available options:

Press one of the options to select and save it or press Cancel to close and discard the changes.

• Font

This option allows you to select which font you would like to use in the main countdown screen. There are three options to choose from:

• Enable Custom Background

This setting enables the custom background Select Background setting that allows your own background to be displayed in the main screen.

• Select Background

This setting allows you to select your own background to display in the main screen. It is only available when Enable Custom Background has been enabled.

Pressing this setting displays your devices picture galary, allowing you to select a picture from your phone. Locate the picture you wish to use and press it, to use it. To cancel press the back button on your phone.