My Beat Creator

My Beat Creator is a drum machine/beat creator that, as the name suggests, allows you to create your own music beats!

Create your beats using the beat pad. Press the blue buttons to light up the beats you want to play at a the specific beat.

Main Screen

There are 16 beats which are broken up in to 4 bars of 4 beats, i.e. 4/4 beat. The first beat of each bar is denoted by a green pad button.

Once you have selected all the beats you want, press the play button to hear what you've created. While the beat is playing you can select or deselect beats and your changes will happen while you listen.

Changing a Channels Sound

Each channels sound can easily be changed. To do this simply press that channels numbered button, to the left of the screen. A list of all the available sounds will appear with a green tick in the box of the sound that is currently used. Select the sound you want and it will be loaded.

Tip: You can listen to a sound before choosing it. Simply press and hold it until a popup appears and then press Play.

Adjusting the Tempo

Adjusting the tempo can only be done while play is stopped. To adjust simply slide the slider left or right to change the bpm (beats per minute). Sliding to the left slows the tempo down. Sliding to the right speeds the tempo up.

Loading a Beat

To load a beat that you have previously saved simply press the Menu button and then Load/Delete. A list of all the previously saved beats will be displayed. Just press the beat you would like to load, to load it.

Load screen
Deleting a Beat

To delete an existing beat just press the Menu button and then Load/Delete. A list of all the previously saved beats will be displayed. Press and hold the beat you would like to delete until a popup appears. Press Delete to delete the beat.

Saving a Beat

When you have finished creating your beat it can be saved to open again later. To save press the Menu button and then Save to display the Save As box. If this is a new beat then the Save As box will be blank. Enter a name for your beat and press OK to save it.

If this is an existing beat its name will be displayed in the Save As box. Leaving the name unchanged and pressing OK will save the beat overwriting its current value.
Renaming the beat and pressing OK will save the beat with the new name, unless there is an existing beat with the same name. In this case you will be prompted to ask if you wish to overwrite it.

Recommended Products

We know that a device’s speakers aren’t the best when listening to music. To help here are a few products we think will enhance your experience when using My Beat Creator… or the very least make you favourite songs sound more awesome!